Taking care of your watch on a day-to-day basis

When and how to wind your watch



By turning the crown to wind the watch, energy is accumulated in the barrel spring. It is this energy that is then gradually redistributed around the watch movement right through to the hands so as to ensure the correct functioning of the watch.


You are recommended to wind your watch at about the same time every day so as to provide it with the energy required for the correct functioning of its movement during the course of the following 24 hours.


If your watch is only worn occasionally, you are advised to wind it daily so as to keep it in permanent operation, which will avoid the need for regular time adjustments.



The energy produced by the movements of the wearer's wrist is transmitted to the barrel spring through the action of the oscillating mass. This process replaces the manual winding process involving the turning of the crown which is a required feature of manual watches. This energy is then gradually redistributed around the watch movement right through to the hands.


You are recommended to wear your watch every day, since the natural movement of the wrist enables the watch to remain in permanent operation.


If your watch stops, and in order to re-start it as smoothly as possible, you are advised to turn the winding crown approximately twenty times.


If you do not wear your watch regularly, you are recommended to use an automatic watch winder case suitable for your model of watch to ensure that it continues to function permanently.

In this way you will avoid the need to adjust the time-setting of your watch too frequently.



The particularity of quartz is that it vibrates at a very high frequency (32 Khz) when it is placed in an oscillating electrical circuit. The energy thus supplied by the battery is regulated and then transmitted to the hands.


To avoid your watch stopping unexpectedly, it is advisable to have the battery changed once every two years. If a battery stays for a number of years inside a watch it is likely to leak and to seriously damage the watch movement.


We strongly advise you to read carefully the User Guide, which will provide you with all the information you require to make the best use of your watch and its bracelet.