Barbier-Mueller Museum Cultural Foundation


Building on more than 250 years of uninterrupted history, the leaders of Vacheron Constantin are keenly aware of the importance of the heritage and know-how inherited from previous generations.


That is exactly why Vacheron Constantin has now committed to the creation of the Barbier-Mueller Museum Cultural Foundation which is dedicated to testifying to little-known cultures in order to preserve the essential elements of their myths, their traditions and their socio-political organisation.


Pass on and perpetuate the legacy of little-known cultures, to preserve their essence.


Our watch manufacturing company is keen to perpetuate a legacy and to pass on the human values that define its expertise. It is this same determination that has inspired Vacheron Constantin to support ethnologists and anthropologists in studying the relationship with time cultivated by various peoples.


The duty of passing on knowledge is a core concern of watchmaking itself. Because watchmaking as we know it is first and foremost a cultural phenomenon. It is on these grounds and as a full-fledged social institution that Vacheron Constantin is proud to be associating its name with the Barbier-Mueller Museum Cultural Foundation and also thrilled to thus pursue its open-minded approach to the world at large.