Training and education

Creative Academy


Creative Academy is an international graduate school for design and creative management, opened in Milan by Richemont under the aegis of Fondazione delle Arti e dei Mestieri (Foundation for the Applied Arts and Crafts).


Offer young designers specialized training in the applied arts, thanks to the Creative Academy.


The Creative Academy runs a Master of Arts in Design course, for 20 young people of international origin who have successfully completed a substantial course of studies in disciplines related to design. The Masters course aims to offer young designers specialized training in the applied arts, and in particular in the field of jewellery, watchmaking and accessories.


In addition to this post-graduate course, the Creative Academy also offers separate professional training classes in the form of four internal management seminars on personal creativity, luxury codes, managing innovation and new materials, which are provided for managers of all the Maisons and affiliates of the Group throughout the world.