New York city ballet


Vacheron Constantin began a new partnership with New York City Ballet in 2013 as the leading corporate sponsor of New York City Ballet’s annual Spring Gala for the years 2013-2015.

In 2014, Vacheron Constantin has expanded its partnership with New York City Ballet by sponsoring its new documentary Ballet 422, premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival in April. The documentary follows New York City Ballet choreographer Justin Peck as he creates the 422nd ballet for the Company, titled Paz de la Jolla.

In conjunction with the sponsorship of Ballet 422, Vacheron Constantin and New York City Ballet together have produced a short film titled Mastery of Movement: Vacheron Constantin and New York City Ballet. Mastery of Movement unveils the worlds of watchmaking and ballet from behind the scenes, highlighting the dedication to precision and beauty that these time-honored arts share.

Vacheron Constantin is expanding its commitment to the New York City community.

Supporting creativity is an intrinsic value of Vacheron Constantin and a guiding principle behind the company’s many activities ever since Jean-Marc Vacheron opened his workshop in Geneva in 1755. The sponsorship of New York City Ballet underlines Vacheron Constantin’s consistent and enthusiastic support of fine arts and expanding commitment to the New York City community. Co-founded by legendary choreographer George Balanchine in 1948, New York City Ballet quickly rose to international acclaim with Balanchine’s original and innovative choreography and highly skilled dancers. Now under the artistic leadership of Peter Martins, New York City Ballet is widely acknowledged for its enduring contributions to dance and its commitment to promoting creative excellence and nurturing a new generation of dancers and choreographers. Similarly, Vacheron Constantin is deeply committed to the development and training of its highly-skilled watchmakers and craftsmen. The transmission of skill and knowledge from master to apprentice over generations, and the constant pursuit of excellence, are values shared by the New York City Ballet and Vacheron Constantin.